Framingham Middle Students Debate Erosion-Control Efforts on Nantucket

Coastal erosion on Nantucket beaches was the topic of a research and debate project undertaken by sixth grade language arts students at Fuller Middle School in Framingham, Massachusetts  Under the direction of their teacher, Anne Doucet, the students examined the NCC website, as well as other perspectives, and formulated arguments for and against using technology to slow down coastal erosion. After the debate, students wrote argument essays on the topic. The students became quite interested in this issue, and several asked to be kept updated on the latest developments. 

What's Going on in Cisco?

 Is this work within 100 feet of any wetland resource protected by local and State law and thus under the jurisdiction of our Conservation Commission? If yes, has it been permitted?

Thanks to Susan Landmann for trekking down there to check it out and taking these photos at mid-day today.

Ben Champoux appointed by a vote of 3-to-2 to fill Bam LaFarge's seat on the Conservation Commission

Voting for Mr. Champoux were Selectmen DeCosta, Fee and Miller. Mr. Atherton and Mr. Glidden cast their votes for applicant Ian Golding.

Chairman Atherton reminded all that there will be two vacancies on the Commission at the end of June.

PHOTO: Mr. Champoux speaking during the public hearing for ConCom applicants. Mr. Golding also spoke. The other two applicants, Garner Corby and Jessica Mayerjak, did not address the Board.